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About us

We are an innovative Information Technology firm offering value-driven software services, which help businesses save significant costs and amplify their software systems.Our vision is to bring innovative solutions to our clients’ business and IT challenges.At IVPLUS , every one of our employees, whether part of our management, engineering or consulting teams, strives to deliver the innovative technology solutions that our clients need and deserve. Our vision and Tenets of Operation drive everything we do every single day.


Enterprises are growing fast as customers become more demanding. As businesses scale and diversify, they need to focus on their core competencies to fight competition. This has led to outsourcing activities which are not so critical to organizations. Outsourcing today has become a way of life, especially for the IT companies. Not only does it save costs and efforts, it also gives access to best talent in the industry without having to recruit them and helps organizations fight and scale by focusing on core competencies. 

What we do?

We specialize in: Web Application Development, Mobile App Development, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Development, Cloud Application Development, Desktop Application Development, Application Modernization, Agile Project Management (Scrum) , Systems Integrations, Web Services / API Development, Database Development, Business Intelligence / Reporting Development, UI / UX Design, Business / Requirements Analysis, Software Testing (QA), DevOps / Release Management, IBeacon, RFID technology.

Our Services

This what we do. Best.

Services differentiate organizations from their peers. Good service levels help in building an organization’s rapport and increases chances of repeat purchase/ long term relationship. At IVPLUS, we are committed to delivering world class services to our clients. Our portfolio of services includes:


IVPLUS is a leading provider of agile delivery of development projects for mobile, web and enterprise applications. As Enterprises becomeglobal, re-engineering processes and cost cutting is increasingly becoming focus areas of IT strategy. IT application development and management is one such way of achieving this goal


IVPLUS is home to the best talent for developing tailored software for your business needs. Web, cloud, mobile, desktop – we provide cost-effective custom software along with assistance in delivering discrete project components, integration of latest technology with existing organization infrastructure and creation of interactive multimedia environment across all channels. Our solutions can blend seamlessly with your existing products and services to offer unmatched business benefits!


IVPLUS brings together the industry best practices and data for an integrated strategic approach to content management. Leveraging on business intelligence, data management, architecture and portal development skills, our end to end content management system focuses on improving business performance.


SaaS (Software as a service) is a cloud driven model where customers (users) can access your services remotely from any location through the cloud using web-based technology. It is an “on-demand service” for delivery using web browser. Using SaaS, organizations can eliminate upfront set up costs and perpetual license costs and move to a subscription based pay model. At IVPLUS, we have years of experience and expertise in successfully conceptualizing, developing, deploying and managing several new SaaS solutions


Database is the heart of a software application. By collecting all information pertaining to individuals and organizations onto one platform, database development is quintessential to maintaining and nurturing relationship with prospects and customers. If not managed properly, data across the organization can become quite unwieldy. At IVPLUS, we have years of experience and expertise in successful database development.


IVPLUS brings together the industry best practices and data for an integrated strategic approach to content management. Leveraging on business intelligence, data management, architecture and portal development skills, our end to end content management system focuses on improving business performance.


The hunch for convenience and passion for technology has led to surge in mobile app development. This has been fuelled by the increasing penetration of smart phone and internet across the globe.   With advanced tools and technology, our mobile apps developers are able to create highly customized mobile applications for consumer needs and enterprises. IVPLUS is adept at creating high performance, feature-packed native mobile applications for all the major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS and Windows Mobile.


From the next-gen HTML 5 development to providing eCommerce solutions and open source content management systems, the web has become a pool of solutions and choices available for your tailored requirements. IVPLUS is a leading web development company based out of EGYPT. We are a “one stop solution” for all your web development needs. Our solutions are innovative, futuristic and cost-effective.


A web portal acts as a strategic entry point to the World Wide Web for both individuals and enterprises. They are multi-use weapons, the public uses them to access emails, public forums, search engine, online shopping and more while businesses use them to provide fast and easy access to services and products. Gradually, with web portals organizations will be able to deploy software to enhance interfaces for databases, corporate applications and more. At IVPLUS, we offer end to end web portal development solutions based on our team’s vast experience in building interactive eCommerce web portals for our clients


Social media is being increasingly used to communicate with our favorite brands, products, services, games and more. With users becoming more technology friendly and the increasing hunch for convenience has led to movement of online traffic to handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. With rapidly evolving channels of communications, businesses need to actively engage and develop memorable experiences for their customers. Social Media Apps are a boon to serve the objective. At IVPLUS, we offer the best social media app development services to our clients to help them engage with their customers!


The demand for software testing and quality assurance has grown significantly for enterprises today. Emergence of disruptive technologies such as cloud, mobility and social media have made profound impact calling for change in approach, methodology and delivery of Testing Services.  This calls for a re-evaluation of the entire testing approach- a shift from an inside-out perspective to an outside-in approach. At IVPLUS, we provides all kinds of software testing services for your business.

Out sourcing



Offshore outsourcing is the process of delegating IT assignments and projects outside the client’s country of residence. A type of business process outsourcing, offshore outsourcing involves collaborating with an external organization to perform some of its business roles/functions. This is usually done to achieve cost savings due to lower labor cost or tax savings generated in the outsourced country. At the same time, outsourcing also provides access to great talent and specialized services from across the globe at lower operating costs. At IVPLUS, we are globally renowned providers of offshore outsourcing services.


An offshore development centre offers the benefits of effectively extending legs and arms for your organization without hiring talent. It also provides access to expert resources at reasonable prices, without having to hire them and incurring recruitment costs. At IVPLUS, we have a world class offshore development centre catering to hundreds of clients.


At IVPLUS, we provide the best custom software development services to our clients. Our services include development, deployment, testing, maintenance and support. All this is available across complete outsourcing to our offshore centers or by hiring our resources from our dedicated offshore development centre. Clients have the flexibility to engage and partner with us based on their immediate as well as long term requirements. We offer a number of engagement models for our clients. Clients can pick and choose one model or combine two or more models in line with their needs. In addition to the list below, we can also customize the engagement models further to suit your demands

How we do ?

The process.

IVPLUS is using agile development practices to deliver goods and services to customers more efficiently and with greater reliability. Agile development methodology helps better communications with clients and helps improve overall quality of project, It is the most innovative way to manage software projects. We have been successful in building effective relationships with our clients by engaging with them on a regular basis. We are very clear and transparent in our approach, which helps in successful engagement.

At IVPLUS, we believe the process that you participate in for the creation of your application or web product should, itself, be straight-forward, seamless, and accountable. That's why the first thing we do is assign you a Project owner (PO) to personally handle your company’s needs and facilitate the project process.Your PO understands the technical services .IVPLUS provides and serves as your liaison for all project communications. She or he will make the entire process, from contract execution to go-live, a great experience for you and your team.


The Discovery Phase is one of the most important phases in your project. We begin by getting to know your business, your pain points, and areas that you want to be improved. We’ll then set off on doing the necessary research on your industry to prepare, analyzing your market and your competitors. A Kickoff  Workshop is where you’ll start your IVPLUS Experience. This structured, interactive, full-out brainstorming meeting will launch the project and define its direction.

02. Plan

This is where we get into the nitty-gritty. We’ll work with you to determine your priorities and then go from there. Initial design concepts and a list of user stories will be fleshed out to set the stage for the rest of the project. For development projects, we will wireframe (map out) user workflows and important navigational elements.

03. Build

With the foundation taken care of, our specialists will get to work, both building and designing your project. On the creative side, this may mean responsive design comps for early review and approval, and the front-end, or public-facing, coding for apps and websites. For software or back-end development projects, our developers will work feature-by-feature to build the required functionality. We will be meeting about every 2 weeks so that you can see our progress through actually having access to the newly developed software.


Each and every deliverable you receive goes through a rigorous Quality Assurance process both for design and usability.
We catch and correct any bugs found before we launch, and offer 30 days of support after launch so you can contact us with any questions. If your website is built on a Content Management System, we offer training so you will know exactly how to easily update content yourself. Plus, we’re always here if anything else comes up.

Our clients

The process.

Throughout our professional expedition, we have dealt with a lot of clients from different business domains, from different parts of the world. With our excellent and dedicated services, we have ensured completely high quality outputs for the clients. This is why we possess a terrific client retention record. Here is a list of the clients for whom we worked and catered our top notch services, have a look:

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